Tuesday, 11/07/2023

Grammar Fun with "Get"

Get” is an irregular verb in English. It has many different meanings. Here are some of the most common ways we use “get” with some examples:

To buy:

I got you flowers. I hope you like them!

Last year I got a new car.

Did you remember to get eggs at the store?

We need to get a new mattress - this one is hurting my back!


To receive:

I finally got the results of the exam back and I passed!

I got new earrings for my birthday.

We should get the flu shot this weekend.

You won’t get good grades if you don’t study for the exams.


To understand:

I don’t get it - can you explain it to me again, please?

I didn’t get the joke he told us. Can you explain it to me?

At first I didn’t understand, but I get it now.

She won’t get it until she has experienced it for herself.


To arrive:

I got to the airport late and I missed my flight.

We got home really late last night and I forgot to set the alarm clock for this morning.

What time does your flight get in? Maybe we can meet for dinner.

Sorry I can’t stay for lunch, I have to get to work.


To become + adjective:

I’m getting really sleepy. Can we finish the movie tomorrow?

My mom got frustrated when I forgot to put my dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

I could see she was getting angry because her face was turning red.

He gets sad whenever we have to say goodbye.

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