Friday, 05/19/2023

Common English idioms from The Big Bang Theory (Part 1)

Centering on a group of nerdy friends who work together at the university carrying out different kinds of scientific research and experiments, The Big Bang Theory has become one of the most highly recommended TV Shows that can help you improve your English. Not only does it help you to practice your listening skill but also to drastically expand your vocabulary. Here are some of common English idioms  from The Big Bang Theory that you can learn:

1. Worth a shot
Meaning: Something that is worth trying as there is a chance of success.
Example: “I’ve been clicking the site many times just to get the tickets for Star Wars premiere. Well, it’s worth a shot.”

2. Cut to the chase
Meaning: Get to the point and saying what is important without delay.
Example: “What are you talking about? I didn’t get your point. Cut to the chase, Sheldon!”

3. Eat heart out
Meaning: To suffer from envy or jealousy.
Example: “The whole Engineering Department was eating their hearts out when Leslie took me to check out the CERN Supercollider.”

English idioms from The Big Bang theory - eat heart out

4. Mum’s the word
Meaning: A pledge to keep the secret.
Example: “Sshhh! Mum’s the word, Bernie. A luminous fish which glows in the dark is my billion dollar idea.”

5. Snake in the grass
Meaning: Someone who’s feign friendship with the intent to deceive.
Example: “Penny is sweet but she is gossiping about us in the back. She is the snake in the grass.”

6. Pull out all the stops
Meaning: To do every effort to achieve the best result.
Example: “I’m happy that you give me a huge bouquet of roses. Leonard, you really pull out all the stops.”

7. Peace out
Meaning: A slang term telling someone good-bye, used with a hand gesture in which you pound your chest with your fist twice, then give the peace sign.
Example: “I’m leaving guys. Peace out!”

English idioms from The Big Bang theory - peace out

8. For future reference
Meaning: Used for telling someone something that you feel they should know, often when you are slightly annoyed with them
Example: “For future reference, if I want to watch Mean Girls, I’ll just stream it on Netflix.”

9. Take something the wrong way
Meaning: What you say to someone right before you say something that can only be taken one way: badly.
Example: “Sheldon, don’t take this the wrong way, but, you’re insane.”

10. Freak out
Meaning: If someone freaks out, or if something freaks them out, they suddenly feel extremely surprised, upset, angry, panicked or confused.
Example: “I don’t like bugs, okay. They freak me out.”

English idioms from The Big Bang theory - freak out

Now you’ve learned 10 Common English idioms from the Big Bang Theory. It’s time for you to start practicing English conversations with them. Also stay tuned to learn more with us.

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